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Sorry malam ni takda pantun -_- Takda idea yang terlintas dekat kepala hotakk ni . Hah ni movie terbaru , Twilight . Jangan cakap kau taktahu pasal cerita ni melainkan umur kau 40 ke atas . Filem ni ramai remaja suka k . Sebut je Robert Pattinson , Taylor Lautner , semua melting , hoho aku tak minat cerita ni k . Merepek gila -_- Kat facebook pun kecoh kat status cinema full lah , nak g tengok wayang lah and bla bla bla ~

So sedikit sebanyak sinopsis tentang cerita ni yang aku copy dari laman web twilightfreak , kemain panjang lagi -.-

The first chapter, entitled "Engaged", starts off a few days before the wedding while Edward is off hunting leaving Bella home without him. Bella is driving a new expensive sports car, a Mercedes-Benz s600 Guardian. Edward gave it to her because her old '53 Chevy finally died. When she stops at a gas station, two men admire her car and tell her that the car hasn't been released in the United States or Europe yet. She then goes home. Bella stays in her car and uses the cell phone, that again Edward bought her, to call Seth Clearwater, a werewolf who Edward is now friends with after they fought Victoria. She asks how Jacob Black is doing. Seth tells her that Jacob, still is in his wolf form, is somewhere in Northern Canada and that he is not coming home. Bella is upset, because she just wants to see him again. She then has recollections of the night that she told Charlie about her engagement. When Bella had finally had the courage to tell her father, Charlie just assumed that Bella was pregnant. He also laughed hysterically when he realized how Bella's mother, Renee would react. But Bella's Mom took the news well, and even offer to help with the wedding plans! Bella was shocked! When Bella goes inside the house Alice is fitting Charlie into his tuxedo for the wedding, and then says that it's Bella's turn. While she is being fitted by Alice, Bella thinks about Edward, and how nice it will be after the wedding, and the honeymoon.
The wedding then comes and goes rather quickly, and the book speeds into the honeymoon. Edward takes her to Isle Esme, a present from Carlisle to Esme, off the coast of Brazil. Edward also grants Bella's wish and makes love to her. The next day they argue because Edward's passion leaves dark bruises all over Bella's body. Although Bella doesn't care about the injuries, he insists that they spend their days doing tiring activities to make her too tired for anything at night. Meanwhile, she has a dream about a small, green-eyed boy that she feels compelled to protect. Bella also finds herself constantly hungry and sick It is only until she sees a box of unused tampons that she packed that she realized that she is pregnant. She automatically becomes attached to the baby, even thought it will kill her, and Edward is worried. They rush home to the Cullen mansion, but Bella has called upon Rosalie to help protect her baby, so Edward is not allowed to go through with an abortion. | Release Date: 24 November 2011 (Malaysia) | Country: USA | Language: English | Genres: Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | Romance | Subtitle: CLICK HERE | Size: 400MB | Source: TS READNFO XviD – MiSTERE


The Quileute and the Volturi close in on expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses different threats to the wolf pack and vampire coven.

So aku harap korang enjoy ^_^ Kalau link broken bagitahu tau . Filesonic punya file dah kena delete so tinggal 3 ni je . And kalau semua link kat atas ni rosak , jangan risau , boleh download kat sini .Oh lagi satu kalau nak laju download tu , gunalah IDM . Btw nak tahu satu kenyataan tak ? Baca kt bawah ni

Yaa this is so trueeee ! Click gambar kalau tak jelas , haha . That is all . Assalamualaikum . # Jangan lupa click spoiler atas shoutbox sebagai bayaran tiket masuk wayang , haha merepek , bye -.-


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