breaking news !PARIS HILTON convert to ISLAM .

cute pulak bile da bertudung kan ?

JEDDAH - Saudi Arabia - Former American socialite, Paris Hilton has converted to Islam, her spokesman, Ian Brinkham, has revealed to CBS news.

"She has been toying with the idea for quite a while now and when she was imprisoned at Century Regional Detention Facility in 2007, she encountered a few people who had already converted," Mr Brinkham said.

By converting to the Muslim faith, Paris Hilton has decided to shun her old life as a celebrity skank.

Speaking from an Islamic study retreat in Jeddah, she said: "I have now found total peace in my life. Before, I used to be known as an STD-ridden streetwalker , a 'hoe' and a person of loose morals, but now, things have changed. Allah be praised."

Hollywood Jihad

Ms Hilton plans to return to Los Angeles next week to start her own Islamic school in the middle of Beverly Hills.

"Forget Scientology or Kaballah. This is the religion to be in now. I'm not going to be wearing a piece of red string on my wrist or walk around like a robot talking to Xenu. Islam is the new must-have religion. and I'm going to spread the word of the Koran to everyone," an excited Paris Hilton said.

Paris Hilton also plans to change her name to 'Tahirah' which means 'Pure, chaste' in Arabic. Her Islamic school will open in July and is set to become a popular Hollywood spiritual haunt for many celebrities.

amin . :) . baguss laa kalau dye mmang betul2 masuk islam .but kan tadi aku pergi check kat google ade komen buruk yg menyatakan dye tuh agen CIA
contohnya"They want to make muslims look bad by theis person joining I believe she is part of CIA operation to infiltrate Islam and corrupt from inside. Beware of her she is liar and false."
dan ade juga komen baik yg nk masuk islam .contoh nye "Because of this I have decided to convert myself. I will do it tomorrow Insha Allah.
I realize that the Catholic faith is a big lie. I have always been a Paris fan and I will tell my parents tomorrow as well. If they cut me off it is their problem.".huhu .ok laa .suda mengantuk .
credit picture :telegram usang and info dailysquib :)
berita ini sebenarnya PALSU !
gambar telah diedit oleh certain people pkai sofware comp !
xoxo .:D


♥ zuai™ ♥ said...

BIAR BETOL PARIS dah bertaubat ? sama2 lah kite doakan yang terbaek :)

Meira said...

baguslah Paris Hilton masuk Islam ea! Agak2nya lepas nie sape plak ea? :)

apitrawrr said...

@♥ zuai™ ♥haha .betol laa kot ? amin :)

apitrawrr said...

@Meirahuhu ,justin bieber laa pulak kot ? HARHARHAR

Anonymous said...

alhamdulilah :)

apitrawrr said...

@miss_neeyahuhu .alhamdulilah (:

Nadya said...

Ewwww..please lah jangan percaya hoax macam ni..
Dusta semata²..
Sama macam facebook akan ditutup Mac ni..

apitrawrr said...

@NadyaHUHU .mmang tipu punn .baru jea tahu .gmbar yg dye pakai tudung tuh diedit pakai sofware :)

apitrawrr said...

@NadyaHUHU .mmang tipu punn .baru jea tahu .gmbar yg dye pakai tudung tuh diedit pakai sofware :)