What’s With The Bad Behavior Justin Bieber — Flipping Off People Is So Not Cool!

baru je kejap aku post pasal justin bieber date dengan selena . skrang pulak pasal si justin bibir tunjuk fuck dekat paparazi .
haha . kau tngok tuhh ?si selena punya laa malu smpai tutp muka , tp si JB ni bantai tunjuk fuck plak .dye pkir dye ni street boys ke ?selambe tunjuk cenggitu kat orang . HAHA .cuba korang perhatikan middle finger dye tuh .berbalut semacam jea ?ad pape ke? dye sakit ke ? HAHA .gelabah sungguh . dengan tidak membuang mase . mari tngok ape kate website terbabit.

The Biebs gets a bit of an attitude on his birthday, flipping off the paparazzi!

Justin Bieber celebrated a fun birthday of shopping and dining with girlfriend Selena Gomez in a most uncharacteristic way – flipping off a group of paparazzi! The normally friendly and respectful pop star seemed to be at his wits end when he launched his middle finger at photographers while driving away from dinner with Selena. Justin!

While we understand Justin gets hounded all the time, it is still better to try and ignore these people or try and be friendly then get angry, this is only adding fuel to their fire. They WANT you to flip them off!
We know it’s tough Justin, but next time keep your finger down. Do you agree HollywoodLifers?

hah ! ape pendapat korang ?
ps:korang x suka dye buat cmni ,korang like , kalau suka comment ,HAHA

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